Paula Bawden, Linda Eagen, Mary Ann Martinez, Steven R. Page, Ahmed & Nancy Rafi, Lynda Seely, Liz Strange, Marie Thompson, Ann Tyree, and Lois Wachovsky

FoLL thanks our donors who supported our "Stay at Home and Read" fundraiser.

Alicia Archuleta, J. Carole Atkin, Bernie Borenstein, Karen Bowen, Pat Cohen, Debbie Derks, Fred Raymond Ferrari, Larry Hall, Donna Howard, Frances Itkoff, Marge Karwisch, Gerald Lunderville, Joe & Heidi Madden, Linda Manis, Kirk Real, Nancy  Walsh, Carole Adams, Elizabeth Claudo, Shirley A. Lane, Peter & Carol McKinney, Louise Petersen, and Kenneth Warner

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Annette Hadjimarkos, Kitty Hayes, Kathleen McGarth, Frank McGarth and Marjorie Morey

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Macerich Corporation, Tokyo Hibachi, and Brenda K. Baldwin

To date, for the "Stay at Home and Read" fundraiser, FoLL has collected $2,620 from our generous donors