2018 FoLL Scholarship Recipients

The Friends of the Lakewood Libraries, (FoLL), is pleased to announce their 2018 award of scholarships for students of high caliber in character, academics and volunteer service, and who have strong desires to further their education.  Scholarship recipients have volunteered for FoLL, the Angelo Iacoboni and/or George M. Nye Jr. Libraries.  They are:

Matthew Ayala has been accepted at three outstanding universities and is on the waiting list for two others.  As the co-founder of the UNICEF Club at Mayfair High School, a tutor for AP courses, and a Summer Program Leader at the Iacoboni Library, he exhibits many leadership characteristics. His teachers describe him as being kind, responsible, respectful and energetic.  These traits will no doubt serve Matthew as he pursues a career in the medical field. 

Kade Castleberry will be commissioned as a Second Lieutenant in the United States Air Force upon graduation from San Diego State University and hopes to pursue a career in their Office of Special Investigations.  He has received numerous awards for leadership and service in the Air Force ROTC, as well as academic honors.  Kade has provided invaluable assistance to the Taste of Lakewood, beginning in 2013, and with FoLL book sales.  His generosity and strong work ethic not only benefit the other numerous organizations that he volunteers for, but also make him a role model for others in his community.

Irene Mendoza employs a positive attitude, strong motivation, and maturity especially in leadership roles.  She served as a Summer Reading Desk Volunteer at the Iacoboni Library for several years, as well as helped the La Palma Christian Center Little Lambs program.  Irene is a member of the National Honor Society and has earned recognition for her academic achievement.  She is graduating from Lakewood High School with plans to pursue a degree in business and become a creative entrepreneur.

Ashley Miller, a senior at Millikan High School, has consistently earned academic recognition and awards for her 4.58 GPA.  She plans to become a lawyer which will enable her to make a difference in her community.  Her AP teachers describe her as being diligent, ambitious, focused and an advocate for herself and others.  Ashley has volunteered for many projects through her school and the Miss Greater Lakewood Pageant.

Joelle Sabater has an impressive amount of experience in tutoring, literacy and learning.  Not surprisingly, she hopes to pursue a career in teaching, and will begin her journey in Germany as part of the study abroad program at California State University, Long Beach.  She is already a skilled tutor both as a volunteer and employee.  Joelle is a bright and engaged student who is a model of continuous improvement.

Brooke Sasse has already begun her plans for a teaching career by being a swim instructor at the Mayfair Pool during the summer.  With a GPA of 4.14, she has received broad academic recognition and awards.  Administrators at Mayfair High School describe her as being a positive and diligent student of high caliber and with a strong work ethic.  Volunteering is a natural part of her family life as both Brooke and her mother spend many hours working on library and other civic projects.

Ashton Seth Williams is successfully pursuing a degree in Computer Engineering at Cal Poly Pomona, with his sights set on joining the medical field as an engineer to improve hospital network infrastructure and security.  He is a collaborative leader with a passion for volunteering, coordinating and tutoring.  Volunteering is a family affair, as Ashton has logged many hours of invaluable volunteering for the Taste of Lakewood, alongside his mother and brother.

Please join us in offering a hearty congratulations to those who earned scholarships!

The FoLL Scholarship Committee